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Surprise, Surprise…

Ryan out did himself this weekend. Ambushed me with tickets to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals followed by The Allman Brothers Band playing at Jone’s Beach in New York that night. Leaving the house thinking we were just grabbing coffee and going grocery shopping I wasn’t necessarily concert ready. Living life with him means impromptu concerts, bear hugs, silly faces when I’m sad, and someone who has my back fully. We tailgated, ate and felt old when a kid asked us for “boomers” and looking old wearing matching Allman Brothers band tees in the show from last summer. We had the best weather anyone could ever ask for and the best time too! I love surprises even more after this little endeavor. Here’s a few pictures from our day:





image-27 image-28 image-29 image-30


Thrifty Thursday 9.5.13


[ Thrifted tee $.99, Jeans $5.99, Ecote booties from Urban sale $20 ]


Ran into these boots on a whim, I was sifting through Urban months ago for super cheap basics not even looking at the shoes (Additional 50% off clearance sale, of course I was there lets not be silly now.) Then they caught my eye because I had seen a similar wooden heeled leather booty with two zips style online and fell in love. Pretty sure the ones I saw were reaching $300.. not really in my budget… like… at all. Originating at $70 something dollars I squealed a little when the sale tag read $40.00 (with the extra 50% off coming down to $20!) See deals are everywhere you just have to dig. Be frugal, don’t spend more then your budget allows. The other two pieces were just random goodwill finds.

 Recreated the look below:


white skinny jeans

Alternative to my boot  … mine was all sold out 😦

Any t-shirt goes great with this outfit!

Add a simple bangle and some earrings.

Until next time- C

What I’m Pinning. 9.4.13 (updated)


Gearing up for fall.

Gearing up for fall 2013:

1. I need a green long jacket like this one.  from here

2. Always down for a good fall camping trip.. Take me to the mountains.

3. Perfect fall meal and looks oh so yummy recipe here.

4. Love the idea of these mini hearts, incase your partner doesn’t like the ring thing. love tats my favorite local tattoo shop

5. LOVE beanie season.. like this one for cheap

6. This bag is way out of my price range but it’s pure perfection

7. These are the perfect fall bootie. Only $130? Grab them before they go!

8. Kimono Kimono I want a kimono… so I ordered this dirt cheap one.  (Navy blue just dropped to $10! Might have to get that one too!)

Can’t wait for New England fall to kick into gear!

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Dance Your Way Into Wednesday.

Coffee in hand & this blasting through my speakers… life is too short to not dance when you’re stuck in traffic. I’ll be posting what I am pinning later on 🙂 Let’s get through the day together! -C

First Day Of Classes.

1185868_188990651281604_1986522278_nI know I’m too old to get excited about the first day of school but come on.. new clothes, fresh supplies, new professors.. whats not to love?! Minus my $190.00 paperback(!) psych book. Today I finally got back into the routine I was so desperately craving. Still a little sick, I had a hard morning trying to get ready for the day and get back on my feet. My head felt a little ‘up in the clouds’ when trying to pick out what to wear.. but I fell back on my “when in doubt” outfit … jeans & a baseball tee along with adding my favorite sandals by MIA and some fun bangles. Hope your post Labor Day work day wasn’t a headache Until next time- C

P.S. Here’s a pair of MIA’s that are a little similar to mine

Annie Hall.

Every time I’m sick I watch Annie Hall, every single time. I don’t understand what it is or why I do it but it has been a thing of mine for years now. I am currently on day 2 of being in bed battling a bad cold and I’m starting to have a little bit of cabin fever.
Besides me being sick, my love for Diane Keaton in this movie is simply unexplainable. Her clothing (especially use of men’s wear), hair, accessories, shoes.. are pure genius. If you’ve seen this movie, watch it again focusing on every piece she wears and I am sure you will be at least a little bit inspired. So it’s back to my bed I go, trying to mend myself before the semester starts up on Tuesday.. yikes.
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!! -Caitlin

Saturday Steals.

Vintage dress // $3.99

vintage dress // $3.99

Purple Fuzzy Poncho // $6.00
purple fuzzy poncho // $6.00

Army Green Cargo Pants // $2.99
D.A.R.E t-shirt // $.99

chicago t-shirt // $.99

chicago t-shirt // $.99

army green cargo pant // $3.99

army green cargo pant // $3.99

Saturday Steals section is where I will post some of the best items I have found over the weekend. Luckily for me I found all of my Saturday Steal pieces for this weekend in one day and technically not the weekend (friday) oh well. I’ve also come down with something so it looks like I am stuck in bed for the remainder of this 3 day weekend. Went to some new places yesterday and was happy with my outcome. Pumped I found stuff to add to my fall wardrobe!

What are some of the best steals you’ve ever gotten at a thrift shop??  -Caitlin

Opened the Etsy Shop!!!!

So far I only have one vintage piece up but definitely more to come! Image

Check out my shop: RoseLifeThrifty

Apartment Life.

For an apartment my boyfriend Ryan and I have everything that was on our initial checklist & beyond (minus a dishwasher, which every apartment I have ever rented always seems lack.. hmmph.) High ceilings, a back deck, prime location, big bedroom, exposed brick, wood floors, our own washer and dryer, allows a cat.. the list goes on. We have lived here for a little over a year and still find ourselves painting & decorating. It is partially due to our laid back attitude, we basically create when we feel inspired.  We each also have a very unique style and pieces tend to speak to us differently. Recently Ryan made a list of projects left to accomplish, bulk of it was on his end (dealing with Home Depot-y stuff) the other half was pure decorating and making the place our own.I’m good at small little projects that take no longer then an afternoon.  So for this edition of Apartment Life I am show casing our kitchen table & my little over haul on it I did the other day.  [Back story on the table: I’ve always wanted a huge kitchen table, ever since I was little I’ve had an obsession with large family dinners & everyone sitting around one table (so much so in middle school I’d personally call all of my family and make everyone come over on a sunday for a pasta dinner at my parents.) I saved our beautiful wooden kitchen table on dreary day a year and a half ago outside of a local thrift store sitting sadly next to a dumpster with a sign that said “free”. Immediately fell in love, called Ry, sent him pictures, got the okay, called my dad to borrow his truck, called Ry to go get the truck and meet me at the shop, proceeded to downpour on the wood table  while I waited (dreadfully turning all white spotty and gummy) I freaked out. After we got the table loaded it up and let it dry in the our garage, I was devastated that it wouldn’t turn back to normal but after a 24 hour stint in the garage it magically came back to life. YAY]    We are both seriously into cool, hard to find nick nacks that we display around our house. That and candles we are heavily into.  I like looking at stuff around my place that spark a memory and bring a little grin to my face.

Here are some dreamy night time pics of our dining area. I love this time of night, quiet, candles flickering, the smell of warm vanilla in the air, crickets chirping, and the record player spinning some good tunes… life can’t get any better.                     Details: Antique soda bottles (free), lamp (free), mason jar beeswax candle (handmade by me), hippie couple salt & pepper shakers resembling Ryan and I ( gift from Ry), Stay Gold skate book, chairs (free, Ryan’s parents basement.)

dreamy1 dreamy2


Thrifty Thursday 8.29.13

Yesterday when I was out running errands I decided to dip into our local Goodwill and left with a full outfit (unintentionally, of course). The look I posted yesterday was the result of my findings. I have been absolutely determined to find a solid army green jacket for the fall that I could essentially throw on with anything once the days started to get a little more chilly. Not wanting to spend a ton of money my eyes have been peeled for a good deal. $3.99 later I had my jacket, fit like a glove and is super comfortable. The black cutoffs were another good find, they initially were ill fitting jeans ($5.99) that I hacked up into shorts. T-shirt was found on a whim.. in the men’s section for 50 cents (who could pass up a 50 cent Rosie the Riveter t-shirt, honestly!) I cut that up a little to make it a bit more feminine. Oh and the sneakers before I forget. My mom laughed when I told her that I was looking for a “casual sneaker” and responded  with “aren’t all sneakers casual?!” What I meant was, a sneaker that I could wear to class, work & anywhere my day took me. Something that didn’t scream “Just got back from the gym and I forgot my change of shoes!” These are killer, when they came in the mail I cracked the box open and in 20 seconds flat they were already on my feet. Super comfy, super cool, super AWESOME! Added a silver bangle just because I love silver bangles.. Duh! Last but not least..minimal makeup & top knot w/ black headband to tie it all together.



I’ve recreated the look for you.. a little more pricey then my Goodwill finds but I just love this outfit so much & I hope you do too!

thrifty thursday 8.29