Thrifty Thursday 9.5.13

by testutcaitlin


[ Thrifted tee $.99, Jeans $5.99, Ecote booties from Urban sale $20 ]


Ran into these boots on a whim, I was sifting through Urban months ago for super cheap basics not even looking at the shoes (Additional 50% off clearance sale, of course I was there lets not be silly now.) Then they caught my eye because I had seen a similar wooden heeled leather booty with two zips style online and fell in love. Pretty sure the ones I saw were reaching $300.. not really in my budget… like… at all. Originating at $70 something dollars I squealed a little when the sale tag read $40.00 (with the extra 50% off coming down to $20!) See deals are everywhere you just have to dig. Be frugal, don’t spend more then your budget allows. The other two pieces were just random goodwill finds.

 Recreated the look below:


white skinny jeans

Alternative to my boot  … mine was all sold out 😦

Any t-shirt goes great with this outfit!

Add a simple bangle and some earrings.

Until next time- C